Cross-Linking To Increase Google Ranking

by Aug 11, 2020SEO, Tips & Tricks

Cross-linking your posts is an effective way to increase the relevancy of your pages on your own website and can make a HUGE impact on your Google Search Rankings.

What is Cross-Linking?

If you simply create a link in one post to another post within your site, you are cross-linking. If done correctly, you can increase the rankings of a particular page or a set of pages.

How to start Cross-Linking

The first and foremost thing you can do to increase your page rankings is to be adding content to your site. Each time you write an article for your site you increase the links that you can use to cross-link within your site.

Don’t know what to write about?

Figure out what problem your business is solving for your clients or customers. Write multiple articles about that one topic from different perspectives and then add cross-linking between them. There you go. You on your way to the top of the Google Search page!

Cross-linking the right way:

  1. Include links within the body of your post – every time you mention another post you should link to it!
  2. Add a related posts widget to the sidebar – if you’re using tags, and you should be, you can list related content by finding other articles with matching tags!
  3. Add the top 5 articles from the same category – again, if you’re using categories, and you definitely should be, you can list articles from the same category!
  4. Every post should have a Call-To-Action (CTA) – If you’re not posting articles that drive visitors to your site goals, then why post articles at all? Your CTA pages should have links back to articles and so they should give visitors a way to get back to that CTA page.

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