I see a lot of “blogs” that have posts with zero comments. Is this because no one is reading this content? I don’t think so. I think it has something to do with writers’ perception of what a blog is supposed to be. Let’s look at the definition of an article vs blog post.

article (n) – a written composition on a subject, often being one of several found in a magazine, newspaper, etc.  ( I would add website to this list of possibilities)

blog (n) – a shared on-line journal where people can post diary entries about their personal/professional experiences and hobbies; “postings on a blog are usually in chronological order”

Notice the difference? Articles are for presenting information on a subject while blogs are meant to broadcast our opinions on subjects.

Why is Article vs. Blog important?

The real question should be what are the goals of your website? An article and a blog post can work together to “funnel” your visitors into a position where you can convert them from visitors into customers.

Imagine this scenario, you’re trying to get folks to subscribe to your online service. You have built a website with numerous articles about how your service works, the benefits of your service, and why your visitors need your service. You launch your site and through the magic of proper SEO and marketing you start to see visitors trickling in. But now what? How do you keep them coming back once they’ve seen your pitch? Easy. Start writing blog posts.

Blog posts are your way to get on your soap box and shout to the masses. Write some posts that touch on the problems you have had and how your service fixed those problems. Write in such a way that invites others to say “yeah! I have that problem to” or “my problem is similar”. The visitors that take the time to comment are the ones you cultivate a relationship with. Answer their questions. Speak into their concerns. Learn about their issues. All these interactions could turn into a sale, donation, or subscription.

Primary Differences of Articles vs Blog Posts

If you want to get the most out of your Web traffic then you need to consider the difference and how you can use that to drive your visitors toward your goals.

ArticlesBlog Posts
  • Overview of subject
  • Thoughts on subject
  • Provides information
  • Provides opportunity to share opinion
  • As long as it needs to be
  • Around 350 words
  • Links to supporting articles
  • Links to supporting articles
  • Close with Call-To-Action to purchase or donate
  • Close with Call-To-Action to subscribe or comment
  • Link to related articles and blog posts
  • Allow readers to comment

How To Use Articles vs Blog Posts

The best way to use these two types of content is to write articles and blog posts to attract the attention of your potential customers. Use the blog posts to lead people to your articles and use the articles to drive them to your sales/donation/subscription page.

If you need some help planning out this important strategy contact User X today to learn more.

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